We have defined methods and metrics useful in the development of imaging equipment or imaging data processing. These metrics are superior to the currently used metrics such as the Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) of Signal-to-Noise-Ratio as the new metrics (patent pending) allow for direct and absolute comparison of information obtained from the same object by different data collection methods. Good benchmarking helps you to optimise your imaging systems and can give you a competitive edge in the market.

We are looking for partners to showcase our technology and to potentially optimise this technology for your specific application. To assess this, we need unprocessed images produced by your equipment, showing the same object/motif and imaged under the same conditions. If interested, we would like to set up an e-meeting to discuss further details.

What we offer:
> Analyse the information content of your images/data
> Analyse the efficiency of an imaging device
> Assess the quality of your detector/camera design/image processing
> Investigate the added value our technology could bring you
> A partnership to co-develop our methods in your applications

Additional Information:

Measuring Information:
The Basics Concept of our new metrics is explained here.

New Insights:
Understanding the Nature of Information

Did you know...
Some Applications of our new metrice are shown here.