3-D Tomographic Reconstruction

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TEM Tomography TEM tomography, based on tilt series is currently the only available technique for three-dimensional structure determination of unique objects in structural biology as well as in material science at a molecular resolution.

The TEM images are two-dimensional two-dimensional (2-D) projections of the object along different (single tilt) directions. The reverse operation is called back-projection. An advanced back-projection algorithms is used in ARTS to reconstruct to the original 3-D object from the 2-D projection images.

ARTS ARTS (Automated Reconstruction of Tomographic tilt Series) is a reliable, user-friendly and fast software for the 3-D reconstruction of tomographic tilt series.
A graphical user interface (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 2000, ME and XP) guides through the reconstruction process step-by-step and facilitates tilt axis determination, alignment, back projection, refinements and surface rendering. An integrated viewer allows to visualize the intermediate and final results. An sophisticated back projection algorithm ("exact filter") reduces the over-sampling of low frequencies in Fourier space.
Using ARTS, TEM tomography becomes a common method over a wide range of different applications in biology and material science allowing high data throughput in everyday use.
ARTS was developed by Image Science in collaboration with TVIPS ( and is based on the approved image analysis software IMAGIC-5.

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