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Please note that IMAGIC is not freeware.


IMAGIC is continously updated. Please send message to Image Science
to get the lastest IMAGIC version.


Linux | MAC OS X | MS Windows

EM2EM / FSC (Free download)

The programs em2em and FSC are combined in a single download archive.



  • If EM2EM/FSC should run in a GUI windows application Java® has to be installed.
  • To start em2em or FSC in a terminal window in a command line mode use   em2em -t   or   fsc -t,   respectively.
  • FSC needs the input images/volumes in IMAGIC format. In the GUI windows program you can use the   IMPORT   button to import images from other 3DEM formats. When using the terminal program you first have to do the conversion with   em2em -t
  • The GUI window program is based on a program version written by Cecilia Bebeacua (Imperial College, London (UK) and Image Science, funded by a grant of the European Union (3D-EM/FP6 NOE)
  • If you need further help, please contact em2em(at) or fsc(at)

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